How can I find a good piano tuner?


Your local yellow pages will list a number of piano tuners in your area, but not all tuners are created equal.   It’s important to find out how long they have been tuning for because there’s nothing like experience. Don’t be afraid to ask this of a potential tuner – they won’t mind.  It might also be worth asking for references.   Some tuners tune just by ear and with the use of tuning forks and others use a tuning machine. Either way is just fine. It’s much easier to use a machine, but many “old timers” like to stay away from the technology.   Don’t be surprised if your piano hasn’t been tuned in a long time, if it goes out of tune within a few days or weeks of your piano tuner leaving. Your piano has tremendous tension on its strings (in a grand piano up to 18 tons) and if that tension is not kept constant, even after one tuning, it will start to slide back to it’s starting point. Your tuner may tell you that he needs to come back in a few weeks and then maybe even another few weeks after that. Ideally, your piano should be tuned every 6-12 months, even if it doesn’t sound out of tune.  Unfortunately, most people don’t know this and just wait until it sounds bad. This is terrible for a piano, so don’t wait.

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