Music Lessons Available


The Primary Instruments:

Piano, Voice, Guitar, Drum & Percussion


The piano is one of our most popular instruments, carrying the added benefits of being a polyphonic instrument. The pure joy that comes from world class piano music, whether you enjoy the classics, modern jazz or blues techniques comes from a deeper appreciation for the techniques, qualities and ideas underlying the music. The electronic keyboard is also a popular instrument. It is lightweight in comparison to the piano, can produce many melodic sounds, such as the harpsichord, and even comes with weighted keys in some models. There are some very affordable smaller keyboards which are perfect for children to begin to learn on.

One of the major questions for those considering piano lessons is the time and costs involved with starting a new course of study. ArtStar Music can help you identify the appropriate piano course ideal for your age, playing level, musical interests and long term goals. Finding the appropriate music course can make learning fun, affordable and flexible enough for nearly any schedule, so piano lessons can enrich your life, no matter what your starting point is.

Lesson Formats: Semi-Private, Private, Group, & In-Home Tutoring


The program we offer at ArtStar Music is designed to prepare young singers for the demands of training as they mature. In addition to music theory, ear training, and private lessons, singers learn diction, ear training, theory, language, and proper breath support.

You can never be too young to begin your training as a musician. Many teachers have different ideas as to what age is appropriate, but generally 11-13 years of age is a good place to begin serious Voice lessons. It is possible to start Voice lessons at a much younger age, but the lessons focus more on basic musicianship skills and vocal breathing techniques in order to prepare a student for serious training as their body and voice matures.

Lesson Types: Semi-Private, Private, Group, & In-Home Tutoring


ArtStar Music guitar instruction in the art of classical guitar playing: performance, technique, music reading, interpretation, stage etiquette. Music literature for guitar instruction in folk and popular styles of guitar playing: technique, music reading, chord symbols, song accompaniment patterns, and improvisation.

Acoustic Guitars are a very good place for children to begin their studies and exploration on the guitar, as many acoustic models can be found in a smaller size for children. The electric guitar is more suited for teenagers, but both young and old can find inspiration when they hear and feel the power of the Electric Guitar.

Lesson Types: Semi-Private, Private, Group, & In-Home Tutoring



ArtStar Music guitar instruction in the art of drums and percussion: Understanding the instrument and how it is constructed and put together, how to care for all of the different parts of a drum set, reading drum music, learning various basic patterns, combining techniques.

The drum is a very exciting instrument and demands full concentration to be played properly. Students learn to play drums along with the understanding of some percussion instruments at ArtStar Music.

Adults seeking to work on their drumming techniques will greatly benefit from lessons at ArtStar Music.

Lesson Types: Semi-Private, Private, & In-Home Tutoring

ArtStar Music offers music programs, music instruction & professional music education for all ages. Our instructors are experts in a wide variety of instruments & techniques – ensuring you the highest quality education available.