Four Components of Learning


Our mantra at ArtStar Music is Pace, Pattern, Practice and Happiness! These four components keep us focused on very important teaching ideas, which are elemental to our vision and program.

We know that students need to be challenged, not too much & not too little. At ArtStar Music we consider each child’s individual needs and they are never confined to the pace of their classmates. Pace keeps the child engaged, learning, and having fun. ArtStar Music wants to be a part of your child’s musical appreciation for life. Children who are not mentally engaged get bored easily and lose concentration. Pace and energy excites and invites children to learn.

PATTERN: Orderly progressions make sense to children. Skills are quickly assimilated especially when children see a beginning, middle and end. Children respond particularly to patterns. When they know what is expected from them, they spend their energy on learning, not wondering what will happen next. Patterns allow for repetition, which is the best way for children to learn.

PRACTICE: A good teacher is kind, but also knows when to challenge and when to acknowledge the student’s efforts. Understanding, balanced with love and discipline is how we approach teaching music. We listen to our student’s and open up the line of communication with them. We believe that feelings matter, good teaching matters and children matter.

HAPPINESS: For children, fun is an important part of life. It keeps their spirits open, which invites creativity into the classroom. This makes learning fresh and even exciting. Learning and accomplishing new skills provides children with a creative outlet for their abundance of energy. Providing instruction to students which can also be playful and exciting is the key to accomplishing our goal of teaching music to our students.

ArtStar Music offers music programs, music instruction & professional music education for all ages. Our instructors are experts in a wide variety of instruments & techniques – ensuring you the highest quality education available.