How do I play faster?

Everyone has fun playing music faster, however don’t sacrifice the quality of your playing for speed. Many people fly over the keys and make a complete mess of things, only in an effort to impress other people.   The more you practice and the more pieces that you learn, you will naturally be able to play faster over time. However, if you need to speed things up sooner, there are a few things that will help you. First of all scales will help and you should be practicing these anyway. Use a metronome when playing your scales and increase the speed … Continue reading

Favorite Location


ArtStar Music Studio is located in downtown Emmett, Idaho. Our new location is being renovated for Classes to begin soon. Private Lessons are held in homes, local schools and community centers for the time being. We look forward to opening the Studio again for Music Lessons in the near future.

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How can I improve my sight reading?


The best way to improve your sight reading is to do as much of it as often as you can. Playing your regular pieces and exercises does not count. Start small, with maybe just one line a day and then increase it over time. Open one of your books and choose a line randomly, but don’t start from the beginning. Nobody likes starting in the middle of a piece because it doesn’t seem like the performance got off to a proper start, so all the more reason not to start from the beginning because you need to get used to this. … Continue reading

Should I purchase a metronome?


A metronome is the most valuable tool you can own as a piano student, besides your piano.  Metronomes come in all shapes and sizes, and vary considerably in price.  The old fashioned pyramid type is expensive, but they are great.  They work like a clock, in that they tick-tock, but they don’t tell you the time.  Small electronic metronomes made by companies like Seiko work just as well and cost around $40.  I would suggest staying away from the very sized versions that beep. A click is far better than a beep.  Now why is it that some students don’t … Continue reading