How do I choose a good piano?

lilly-pulitzer-piano_Steinway-6 ft

  There’s no quick or easy answer to this, but I’ll do my best. If you’re looking for a cheap keyboard, I would suggest Yamaha or Casio, but it must have at least 61 notes. If you can afford something better, digital pianos by Korg, Roland and Casio are very good. Yamaha’s Clavinova line is also very good. If you are looking at high end keyboards (also referred to as synthesizers) then my absolute favorite is Korg. As far as real pianos go, if you are looking at an upright, the taller the piano, the better the quality of sound … Continue reading

How do I play faster?

Everyone has fun playing music faster, however don’t sacrifice the quality of your playing for speed. Many people fly over the keys and make a complete mess of things, only in an effort to impress other people.   The more you practice and the more pieces that you learn, you will naturally be able to play faster over time. However, if you need to speed things up sooner, there are a few things that will help you. First of all scales will help and you should be practicing these anyway. Use a metronome when playing your scales and increase the speed … Continue reading